UK Heatwave: Tuesday set to break hottest day record before Brits cool mid-week

The Met Office has issued a red weather warning alongside two amber warnings lasting until 23:59 on Tuesday. Thankfully for Brits, the weather is set to cool by Wednesday to provide some relief following potentially 40C temperatures.

The Met Office red warning warns of population wide adverse health effects which can impact more than just the vulnerable.

The warning added that daily routines such as work situations must be altered while the warning is in place.

Once again traffic and other transport services are expected to be impacted alongside power supplies and heat-sensitive equipment.

The Met Office said on Friday: “Exceptional, perhaps record-breaking, temperatures are likely on Monday, then again on Tuesday.

Brits have been advised to stay indoors on Tuesday between 11am and 4pm and to wear sun protection such as sun cream and a hat and to remain hydrated and in the shade.

According to WXCHARTS, temperatures in Southern England will begin to dip to highs of between 25C and 30C.

In the north of England it may even feel slightly chilly with temperatures averaging in the low twenties before the end of the week sees highs of 20C and most areas in the high teens.