Ukraine: Putin’s attack potential slashed as Ukrainian rockets lay waste to his army

Ukraine has been using the now famous Western supplied HIMARS and M270 multiple rocket systems to strike well behind the Russian frontlines. The strategy of striking Russian command posts and ammunition dumps seemed to be paying off after the Kremlin’s offensive stalled over the past week.

Ukrainian Defence Ministry spokesperson Oleksandr Motuzianzk claimed more than 30 such storage and command sites had been hit, greatly reducing Russia’s “attack potential”.

He said: “In the last weeks, over 30 of the enemy’s military logistical facilities have been destroyed, as a result of which the attacking potential of Russian forces has been significantly reduced.”

Following the bloody Russian push to capture Luhansk, it is believed Russian forces had taken an operational pause to allow its soldiers to rest and regroup, however, Ukraine has been making this difficult with near nightly artillery strikes far behind the lines.

The new artillery can hit much further and more precisely than older Soviet systems and has proved crucial to the Ukrainian war effort.