VP Leni’s vow as Makati turns pink: Freedom from your yoke 

VICE President Leni Robredo capped her campaign for the presidency in a “miting de avance” in Makati City on Saturday night which drew hundreds of thousands of supporters (organizers’ estimate: 780,000) with her ultimate campaign speech revolving around the messages of faith, love and hope for and among Filipinos and a future for the country.

The grand rally held on the last day of the campaign for today’s presidential elections turned the stretches of Makati Avenue and Ayala Avenue in Makati City into a joint sea of humanity and made the financial district temporarily glow in her pink campaign color.

Organizers and members of the Robredo campaign team said the attendance was much bigger than the crowds in tens of thousands that showed up in her day-long penultimate grand rallies in Sorsogon, Albay and in her home province of Camarines Sur on Friday.

The presidential candidate began her 12-minute speech by recalling the sacrifices of her supporters who walked and borrowed money from friends and acquaintances just to attend her rallies and other gatherings.

Though hungry, tired and exposed to the searing heat of the sun, the supporters persevered and stood for hours, she noted.

“Thank you so much to all of you for joining me in this journey to fight for our country,” Robredo said in Filipino.

The vice president disclosed several days ago that her campaign or even this year’s presidential campaign has made a milestone, with her being the only candidate who has visited every corner of the country.

As she had always maintained, this year’s fight for the presidency goes beyond one man or one candidate; it involves the whole country and the future of Filipinos.

According to Robredo, despite the noise of the political campaign, Filipinos proved they are still capable of loving themselves and each other, and as such, even the country.

Noting the hardships and daily economic struggle of poor Filipinos but who choose to remain positive despite their economic situation, the vice president promised her administration would give them reprieve, though not immediate.

“Ang panata ko, palalayain kayo ng gobyerno mula sa dumadagan sa inyo [My pledge is, this government will free you from the yoke weighing you down],” she said, vowing she would make sure every peso will count in uplifting the lives of Filipinos.

Robredo said it is the right of every Filipino to have a dignified future and it is their responsibility to fight for it.

“Tara, ipanalo na natin ang sambayanang Pilipino [Come, let’s make the Filipino nation win],” she said.