Why Bhutan, the happiest country on earth, is worth paying US$200 a day for

For instance, some of the SDF will go in the direction of offsetting the carbon footprint of visitors by planting trees, upskilling workers in the tourism sector, cleaning and keeping trails and electrifying Bhutan’s transportation sector, amid other initiatives.

Bringing up the phrase “high worth, lower volume”, which has normally been used to explain the country’s tourism coverage, he claimed this expression may indicate that the region is only courting loaded travellers. However, that is not the case.

“People considered it in a literal sense as not encouraging extra numbers to occur in, which is not the situation. Of system we want far more people but those who are reasonable and ready to give again a thing,” he explained.

“When we say we have a ‘high value’ tourism coverage, this is not just for the readers, it is all over again for all of us. We want to make sure our visitors get an knowledge that they will not get from any other nation in the world.”