Young underprivileged football players receiving full support

CONVERGE ICT Solutions Inc. has thrown its full support to the Malaya Football Club, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving lives through football.

“At Converge, it is our goal to empower people to be their best and we recognize sports as an important part of community and character-building, especially for underprivileged kids,” Converge CEO and Co-Founder Dennis Anthony Uy said.

“This sports club provides a chance for the children to develop their skills and talents and is also an avenue for them to seek a better future,” Uy said. “This is in line with our advocacy to extend opportunities to the youth, as we’ve done before through connectivity projects.”

Mayala FC provides opportunities for kids from marginalized communities to play football for free every weekend—providing them with uniforms, football shoes, equipment and other support for training and competition.

Since it was founded in 2012, Malaya FC has survived mostly on sponsorships alone. But because of the pandemic, many of their individual sponsors and donors unfortunately started to back out, causing the club’s funds to slowly zero out. 

As an organization with similar values and goals, they had found a friend in Converge.  

According to Mark Duane Angos, Malaya FC secretary general and technical director of the Talent Development Academy, the club would not have survived if it weren’t for the company’s help. 

Thanks to the support of Converge, Malaya FC was able to reactivate their programs, reach out again to their children beneficiaries, and resume with training and competing once the Covid-19 situation improved early this year. 

“The support of Converge is very critical to the club as without it, these kids wouldn’t be able to play the sport that they love,” Angos said. “These kids at a very young age face struggles that they shouldn’t be facing at all. Thanks to Converge, we were able to provide an opportunity for them every weekend to get away from that ecosystem of hardship and poverty, play football, and just be a child again.”

Angos said that the Malaya FC was built to provide an avenue for underprivileged kids to play football solely as a source of fun. However, the organization realized that by providing yearround training with opportunities to compete, they started developing skilled players from Tondo, Taguig, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Bulacan and Pampanga.

It was then that the Malaya FC kids started to get the attention of various universities recruiting players for the National Collegiate Athletic Association and the University Athletic Association of the Philippines. 

Many players were being scouted by universities and given athletic scholarships, including 16-year-old Florence Lhei Ycong, who’s been recruited to the women’s national team to the inaugural Asean Football Federation U18 championship in Indonesia this month.

Currently, Malaya FC has more than 450 active players under their program, aged six to 19 years old. Most recently, the football club was able to send various teams of different age groups to compete in the Youth Football League 2022, many of which were even crowned champions or finished as runners-up of the tournament.