Buy a Samsung Galaxy S22 today and O2 will give you £300 for FREE

The 50GB S22 Ultra plan requires a £30 upfront payment and will cost £58.99 a month, with the Unlimited data plan which also comes with this free gift card costing £65.98 a month (and requiring a £30 upfront fee).

Both of these pre-built plans run for 36 months, but you can customise the contracts on the O2 website so it runs for a shorter amount of time.

You can also tweak it so that you pay more or less upfront, with all of these things you can change affecting the monthly payments.

If you have an old handset you want to trade in you can also get an extra £150 off the price of your S22 Ultra.

Depending on whether you pick up the 50GB or Unlimited data plan you’ll also benefit from a few perks.

With the 50GB plan, you’ll be able to roam in the EU for free when you use up to 25GB of your monthly data allowance, plus you’ll also be able to double the amount of 5G data you can use each month if your household has Virgin Media broadband.

Meanwhile, if you choose the Unlimited data plan you’ll be able to roam at no extra cost in 75 different countries – including the US – plus you’ll also get a three year warranty and up to six months worth of Apple Music for free.

These O2 SIMs also come with unlimited texts and minutes.

If you’re not a Samsung fan and are after a different phone then O2 is giving away free gift cards on a range of other handsets.