Free Samsung Galaxy upgrade will save you buying a new Android phone

Samsung Galaxy owners can now download a useful free upgrade that will boost the images shot on their phone’s camera. The Korean technology firm has just released the update via its online Galaxy store and it’s available for most of its latest and greatest devices. Called the Galaxy Enhance-X app, Samsung is promising that it’s a one-stop AI solution for all media enhancements.

Once downloaded, Galaxy owners can add any shots snapped on the camera with this software then automatically boosting the image quality without any fuss.

In fact, Samsung says that a single tap will analyse images for imperfections and then enhance things automatically.

It can even magically remove unwanted blur and annoying reflections which can ruin a shot. Plus there is the option to sharpen family photos, upscale the resolution and brighten photos captured in low lighting conditions without digging into endless settings.

The Galaxy Enhance-X app is out now and is definitely worth a download if you want to make images look like they’ve been snapped by a pro. All you need is a compatible device and 122MB of free space on the hard disk.

If your currently Galaxy is on its last legs and that new app is not enough to convince you to keep hold of it then don’t panic. Samsung is about to shake things up with the Korean technology company confirming that it will be holding one of its famous Unpacked events next month.

The big reveal will be all about foldable smartphones with an invite to the showcase clearly revealing one of Samsung’s famous Flip devices.

It’s though the latest bendy devices will get longer battery life, improved power and better cameras.

Rumours are also rife that Samsung may have finally fixed the screen creasing issue found on its previous devices.

This bump in the flexible display has been one of the biggest criticisms of these devices and removing it could make them far more desirable. will bring you all the news from Unpacked which takes place on August 10.