Sky Q has never been this cheap before! Secret deal promises to slash your TV bill

There’s never been a cheaper way to watch Sky TV channels, on-demand boxsets, and Netflix on Sky Q. This latest record-breaking offer comes courtesy of a secret hidden deal that has discovered, with prices starting from just £22 per month for Sky Q. Crucially this deal is not available via the Sky Store.

That all-time low monthly fee is £11 cheaper than the usually offer, plus there’s no set-up fee meaning it’s totally free to join. For that, you’ll get the award-winning Sky Q set-top box, installation of a satellite dish, access to hundreds of live channels not available on Freeview, boxsets from HBO, Sky Originals, and Peacock, and a Netflix subscription thrown in for good measure too! That record-low price is locked in for the duration of your contract too!

This incredible bundle even includes channels like Sky Atlantic, Sky History, Sky Crime, MTV, Comedy Central, Discovery, TLC, plus over 500 boxsets to keep you entertained. As we mentioned earlier, there’s also full Netflix access as part of the bundle so you can binge on boxsets or watch endless blockbuster movies without paying anything extra.

You’ll get the award-winning Sky Q set-top box as part of the price which features the ability to pause, rewind and record live television. Not only that, but there are easy ways to find new TV shows, movies, and sports fixtures using the built-in voice search. 

If you want more details on the hardware, our in-depth has all of the answers.

If you fancy extra things to watch you can add more services such as Sky Sports, Sky Cinema and Sky Kids. Of course, the more things you bundle into your plan the bigger the bill will get although there are even more money-saving deals available with Sky Sports costing £20 per month (was £32) and Sky Cinema now £9 (was £19).

If any of this sounds enticing you can find the exclusive offer here. All you have to do is follow the on-screen instructions, build your bundle and head to the checkout.

Along with that impressive Sky Q deal, the firm has also slashed the price of its new Stream box to just £23 per month.

This set-top box – the latest generation launched by Sky – doesn’t need a satellite dish, with all content beamed to the big screen in your home via wireless or wired internet connection instead. When Stream launched back in October, it cost £26 per month but the latest promotion has slashed £3 off that cost – that’s better than the price crash for Black Friday!

Again, you get a full list of Sky channels as well as a Netflix subscription you can watch anywhere, plus there’s full integration with other streaming services such as Apple TV+, Prime Video, ITV X, BBC iPlayer, and Disney+, to name a few.

Just like Sky Q and Sky+ HD, Sky Stream lets you pause and rewind live television. While the small set-top box doesn’t have a hard drive to store recordings, the new Sky Playlist feature – which debuted on Sky’s custom-designed QLED TV and was covered extensively in our – brings together your favourite TV shows and movies from Sky channels, Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV+, ITV X, and more.

One of the best parts about Stream is that there’s no installation needed with Sky simply sending the device out in the post and users plugging it in.

The only thing you need to make sure of is that your broadband is fast enough to cope with streaming content but as long as you have speeds of around 50Mbps or more you should be fine. You can find full details about this Sky Stream deal here.