Technology can enable Mahatma Gandhi’s idea of Swaraj to become a reality: Dr Subhash Chandra

Dr Subhash Chandra, the founder of Zee Media and the chairman of the Essel Group, stated on Friday that if technology is handled properly, it can help enable Mahatma Gandhi’s idea of Swaraj to become a reality.

While addressing a seminar at IIT Hyderabad he said that today’s constitution is not as it was envisioned by Mahatma Gandhi. “The meaning of Gandhiji’s Swaraj was to give control of governance at the village level.”

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Talking about technology Dr Chandra said that it should be used for the good of society. 

“I want to say one thing that just as good and evil go together, technology can also be used for good and bad works in the same way. Therefore, while technology will be used for good, it can also be used for evil purposes.”

The Rajya Sabha MP said that in his opinion technology holds the potential for radical changes. Referring to the 1990s, when Zee TV was launched, Dr Chandra said that if Zee TV wasn’t started, the 500+ channels that we have today would not exist.

“If Zee TV had not started, today there are about 563 TV channels in India, in which about 12 million people work, all this would not have happened.”

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Discussing the evolving aspects of new technology and OTT (Over The Top) media, he said that even with the changing environment TV channels continue to be strengthened, with its content being seen more than ever.

Calling OTT a new medium of distribution, he said that even as technology alters form the older mediums like TV “will continue to run parallelly.”