There’s a new way to own Apple’s iPhone 14 and it appears ludicrously cheap

The new iPhone 14 is now available to buy with this device getting an improved camera, more power under Ceramic Sheild case and life-saving Crash Detection which rings the emergency services after a car accident. As you can read from our full iPhone 14 review, it’s a nice update from Apple but with prices now starting from £849 it’s not exactly cheap.

For those without that large chunk of change in their bank account, there is a new way to purchase the iPhone with one firm hoping to shake up the mobile market by offering fans the chance to rent a phone rather than purchase it. The aim of this plan is to not only make it cheaper to use a brand new iPhone but also make it easier to upgrade once the next-generation model launches next year.

The firm behind this incentive is musicMagpie who says customers can take delivery of the new iPhone for as little as £33.99 per month. Unlike many mobile network contracts, there’s no upfront fee to pay and customers are only tied in for 12 months rather than the usual two years.

Once you’re done with it, you simply send it back and get an instant upgrade to a newer model.

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“We are really excited to be expanding our rental offering and giving customers the chance to rent the new iPhone 14 directly from musicMagpie,” said Steve Oliver, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder at musicMagpie.

“If you fancy upgrading to the iPhone 14, why not try renting? Not only will you save some money and give yourself more flexibility, but you can also be confident that once you are done with your device it will remain in circulation to reduce its impact on the planet.”

It all sounds pretty enticing but is it really a good deal?

It’s worth noting that because you’re simply renting the device you will never own it. That means you’ll have to keep paying a monthly fee for the entire time you rent a device and you also won’t be able to cash in and sell the iPhone on sites such as eBay.

Apple is also offering the option to buy its iPhone 14 over two years without paying any interest. This deal works out at £35.37 per month which isn’t that much more expensive although, unlike musicMagpie’s deal, you can’t upgrade when the iPhone 15 comes out next September.

If renting sounds like something that might suit your needs here are some of the best deals on the market right now 3

• iPhone 14: from £33.99 per month

• iPhone 13: from £24.99 per month

•iPhone SE (2020): from £9.99 per month

• Samsung S21: from £21.99 per month