Are those baby dinosaurs? Video of creature scurrying through beach goes viral, netizens confused

A video is going viral on the internet purportedly showing baby dinosaurs scurrying across the field, leaving the netizens bewildered.

The viral video purportedly shows a mammal-like figure having long necks and stout bodies, similar to what sauropods look like, only that they are small. 

Sauropods are big dinosaurs that weigh up to 62 tons and could grow up to a height of a four-story building.

The 14-second video spread like wildfire with many conspiracy theorists suggesting that perhaps Jurassic Park is real.

“This took me a few seconds,” the caption of the post said.

However, upon a closer look, it was discovered that the video featured coatis running in reverse.

“At first I thought they were tiny dinosaurs until I looked closer and found they were walking backwards with their tails lifted high. Cute, but weird,” a Twitter user who goes by the name Ann Tran posted.


These small mammals are native to South and Central America as well as in Mexico and the southwestern United States.

Coatis are opportunistic omnivores that consume fruits and insects, according to San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance.

They could weigh as much as a large cat but visually look like a cross between a dog, a monkey, and a raccoon.

Coatis sniff along with the forests while their tails are up to search for their prey, like beetles, grubs, ants, termites, spiders, scorpions, centipedes, frogs, and lizards.

Their tail helps them balance in the trees and act as a tracker while the herd is foraging in the vegetation.