Biden permanently banned from entering Russia, Trump isn’t

Russia has released an updated list of notable US names who are banned from entering the country, reported CNN. US President Joe Biden has been included. Some other names include US Vice President Kamala Harris, Facebook Mark Zuckerberg and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Interestingly former US president Donald Trump has not been included in this list, said CNBC. While in office, Trump was viewed to be leaning towards Russian President Vladimir Putin. Trump has in past even gone against his own intelligence’s opinion to publicly praise Putin.

The list is largely being viewed as a symbolic step taken by Russia to retaliate against Western sanctions. With new updates, the list now includes 963 Americans who are permanently banned from entering Russia.

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The US has led the charge to impose sanctions on Russia in the wake of Ukraine invasion. The crippling sanctions have made situation difficult for Russian economy but there are few signs, if any, that the sanctions are proving to be a deterrent against further military action in Ukraine.

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The updated list has majority of US Senators and members of the House of Representatives. It also mentions current and former government officials, journalists and more.

Even Senator John McCain who died in 2018, has been included in the list.