Don’t undermine sanctions against Russia: G7 to China

Amid the Ukraine war, G7 nations on Saturday urged the Chinese government “not to undermine sanctions” imposed on Russia and directed Belarus to stop “enabling” the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The G7 foreign ministers said Belarus should abide by “international obligations” and should “stop enabling Russia’s aggression”.

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The G7 countries vowed to broaden sanctions on Russia and said it won’t recognise the changed borders along Ukraine brought about through “military aggression”.

Western nations including the US and UK have already sent large amounts of artillery and anti-tank missiles to Ukraine amid the war.

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Meanwhile, reports claimed Ukraine and Russian forces are involved in a fierce battle in the eastern Donbas region even as Kharkiv regional governor said Ukraine’s forces have been counterattacking.  

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said his forces would continue to attack Russian positions under siege including Mariupol with the Azovstal plant under Russian fire.

Ukraine said the Azovstal plant has come under “massive artillery and air strikes”. The civilians in the area were earlier evacuated with the help of the United Nations and the Red Cross, however, reports claim several Ukrainian soldiers held up at the steel plant have been injured as the Azov regiment urged they be evacuated.

(With inputs from Agencies)