Is it preparation for war? Chinese armed forces hold another round of drills near Taiwan, says PLA

Another round of drills has been held by Chinese armed forces near Taiwan, the People`s Liberation Army said on Monday.  

The drills were carried out to improve joint combat operations last week, a news report said citing the army.  

This comes as there have been several speculations of a Chinese attack on Taiwan after it has increased activity near the island it claims.  

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For the last two years, Taiwan has also complained about the rise in the Chinese military activities nearby. Mostly, these activities have been held in the southern and southwestern part of the air defence identification zone or ADIZ of island.  

On Friday, Taiwan’s air force was put into action after 18 Chinese aircraft had entered its air defence zone. Incursions were also witnessed on Saturday and Sunday. However, no shots were fired.  

In a statement, Eastern Theatre Command of the People’s Liberation Army said that naval and air force assets held drills near east and southwest of Taiwan from Friday to Sunday.  

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Without elaboration, it said the exercises were held to “further test and improve the joint combat capability of multiple services and arms.”  

The equipment involved in the drills included fighters, bombers and anti-submarine aircraft, Defence Ministry of Taiwan said.   


(With inputs from agencies)