Is it true? Even as Covid outbreak worsens, North Korea claims to achieve ‘good results’

In fight against coronavirus, North Korea claims to be achieving “good results”, the state media KCNA said on Friday. This comes as more than 2 million people of the country have witnessed fever symptoms in the first confirmed COVID-19 outbreak of the nation. The country has till now not reported the number of confirmed cases of Covid. Around 263,370 more people have been reported to have fever symptoms in the country. Two more deaths were also registered.   

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The total fever caseload reached 2.24 million on Thursday evening. Around 65 deaths have also been reported, as per the KCNA.   

“Even under the maximum emergency epidemic prevention situation, normal production is kept at key industrial sectors and large-scale construction projects are propelled without let-up. Good results are reported steadily in the ongoing anti-epidemic war,” KCNA said.  

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Despite the outbreak, the nation says it is functioning normally as farming is continuing, factories are working, etc. It seems to have also been planning a state funeral for a former general.   

Help has been offered to North Korea for fighting the virus by South Korea and the United States, Seoul’s deputy national security advisor said on Wednesday. But no response has been received till now.  


(With inputs from agencies)