Most expensive pillow in world costs a whopping $57,000. Find out why

Living a luxurious life is everyone’s dream. But very few people get to live it. There are several expensive cars, homes, etc, but have you ever wondered about an expensive pillow, which comes at the price of a fortune? It is hard to imagine, right? But yes, it is true, a pillow is priced at a cost of $ 57,000 (Rs 45 lakh). What is special about this world’s most expensive pillow is that it has been specially designed by a physiotherapist from the Netherlands, media reports said. This pillow was produced after the hard work of around 15 years. It has been specially designed for extra comfort. The maker of the pillow has put in a lot of research to finally come up with this marvel.  

Now, let’s get acquainted with its features. The pillow is highly costly as it is studded with gold, diamond, sapphire, etc. The cotton inside this pillow is from a robotic milling machine. In the zip of this pillow, four diamonds have been placed. 


The pillow is not sold randomly and is packed in a branded box. It can be really helpful in sleeping for people, who have insomnia.  

(With inputs from agencies)