‘One mistake away from something terrible’ Ukrainian MP warns of nuclear catastrophe

Kira Rudik leader of the political party Voice claimed that Russian forces were playing with fire.

Ms Rudik explained that Ukraine was at every moment one accident away from something extremely tragic happening, due to the Russian army currently posing a major nuclear threat.

The Ukrainian MP explained to Rick Kelsey how a previous catastrophe at the Chornobyl power plant has affected generations of Ukrainians and called for international teams from Magate to go and inspect the nuclear plant to make sure there is no immediate threat.

The war in Ukraine has continued to heat up due to the ongoing nuclear threat posed by Russia.

Ms Rudik told Times Radio: “If you ask what I’m personally the most concerned about, it’s the nuclear threat, that Russia constantly creates there.

“It is literally playing with fire, where we know that we are now one mistake or one accident away from something extremely tragic happening.

“The Zaporizhia nuclear plant is the largest nuclear plant in the whole of Europe.

“And we all remember the results of the Chornobyl tragedy here, it affected Ukrainians for generations.

“So what we need to happen right now is to get the international teams, international spectators from Margate to the station to examine it, to confirm that everything is fine and there is no immediate threat.

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“And then to remain there to protect it this way, because it is extremely dangerous what is going on.

“Every explosion that is created by Russia there can you to a nuclear tragedy pretty quickly, and this should not be happening.

Mr Kelsey added: “Kira with inspectors coming in and the grid being reconnected with the nuclear power plant, are we now in a better position than when we were discussing this a week ago?”

Ms Rudik said: “Absolutely!”

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Thursday: “If the diesel generators hadn’t turned on, if the automation and our staff of the plant had not reacted after the blackout, then we would already be forced to overcome the consequences of the radiation accident.”

Uttering a similar sentiment as Ms Rudik, the head of Ukraine’s nuclear power industry told Sky News: “The situation (at the plant) is very bad now and it is worsening all the time. Over the last three weeks, there’s been an increase of shelling at the site.

“The actions from Russia increase the danger to nuclear and radiation safety onsite. Also, the conditions of our staff there are really decreasing.”