Police kill man with Kalashnikov in French city – media

A man reportedly carrying a Kalashnikov rifle was shot dead by police in downtown Grenoble after he allegedly pointed his weapon at officers on Thursday, local media outlets have revealed. 

Police were called to the scene by reports of two men riding a scooter, one carrying a long weapon. When they arrived, the armed man supposedly “started to point his weapon” in their direction. The officers – part of the Brigade anti-Criminalité – fired twice, hitting him in the chest and killing him while reportedly leaving the second man unharmed.

The driver of the scooter was reportedly wearing a bulletproof vest. A police source told AFP the incident was unrelated to terrorism, instead suggesting it was a matter of common law.

The incident took place around 6pm outside a post office on the Place d’Apvril in Grenoble city-center, according to local media outlets. 

The atmosphere on the scene was said to be tense, with the 24-year-old victim’s family having arrived. They reportedly hail from Turkey and had cut ties with him after he was arrested and served time for robbery. Numerous police officers were on the scene to keep residents and other onlookers at bay. 

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