Putin sparks mutiny after kids forced to march in Z formation and pose with RIFLES

The Russian leader has seen his “special military campaign” backfire spectacularly, as woes continue to pile up for his military. Ukrainian commanders have succeeded in slowing the Russian advance in the Donbas to a snail’s pace and appear on the verge of launching a major counteroffensive in the Kherson region. Russia’s army has also suffered huge casualties, with the Pentagon estimating that between 70,000 to 80,000 soldiers have been killed and injured.

The Russian despot is desperate to shore up domestic support for the war and give the appearance that the entire country stands united behind its leader.

To that effect, the Kremlin appears to have decided to enlist kindergarten children as propaganda symbols.

The move has horrified both the mums of toddlers and the Alliance of Teachers, an independent union.

Russia marked its National Flag Day last week on Monday, August 22.

To celebrate the occasion, teachers at a kindergarten in the Krasnodar Territory came up with a novel idea to show support for Putin and his war.

The kindergarten informed parents that it was planning to organise a “sports flash mob” for the special day.

A concerned mother decided to ask the school’s officials what they meant by a flash mob.

In a text message to teachers, she wrote: “Hi, I have seen in the general chat, that the school is planning to organise a ‘sport’s flashmob’.

“Could you please tell me what the programme for the celebration will be?”

The kindergarten replied: “A ceremonial raising of the flag, followed with a march by the children in the formation of the letter ‘Z’.”

The horrified mum sent a screenshot of the message to the Alliance of Teachers’ Union, who published it on their Twitter page.

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It comes amid reports that Ukrainian children from Mariupol have been sent to “military camps” to learn how to use Kalashnikov rifles and acquire other military skills.

Anton Gerashchenko, an adviser to the Ukrainian Interior Ministry, tweeted: “Children from occupied Mariupol have got to PutinJugend: Russians organized a military camp for them, having kids take apart Kalashnikov rifles, demine beaches etc.

“Haven’t these children been through enough?

The post was accompanied by photos of the children dressed in red t-shirts and berets.

Images depicted them stripping and assembling a Kalashnikov, as well as using metal detectors.