Republican lawmaker: US should’ve made India bulwark against China, but all it got are tech CEOs

US Republican Party lawmaker Marjorie Taylor Greene has made a tweet that has attracted a lot of attention. In her tweet, Taylor Greene lamented that West made a mistake in “not keeping India close”. She even called Washington “arrogant”.

After India and Pakistan became independent in 1947, both nations got pushed into opposing camps during the Cold War. Pakistan found a supporter in the US while Soviet Russia backed India. There were assumptions in the western sphere that India, a country of literally a thousand cultures was ripe to get balkanised and formation of several mini-countries was something that was inevitable. 

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This did not happen and a multicultural India made giant leaps of progress compared to Islamic Pakistan.

“The worst mistake the West made was not keeping India close. We could have had a bulwark against China of a billion English speaking capitalists. Washington arrogance pushed an ally away. All we got was Indian tech CEOs from a culture with no respect for free speech.” Marjorie Taylor Greene has said in her tweet.


Her tweet has got 13.8 thousand likes within a day of publishing.

Her reference to tech CEOs is apparently pointing towards CEOs like Satya Nadella, Sudar Pichai, Parag Agrawal who represent a generation of India-born or Indian-heritage professionals leading world’s biggest tech firms like Microsoft, Google, Twitter and more.

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The last part of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s tweet is likely to draw strong reactions in India. Taylor-Greene appears to suggest that India has no respect for free speech.

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