Rescued turtle hatchlings excrete plastic in South African aquarium  

After a study found plastic particles in the blood of several people, the turtle hatchlings, who have been rescued in South Africa, have been excreting plastic, reported an aquarium.  

In recent years, plastic pollution has become a major concern in the world.  

The turtle hatchlings, who are under rehabilitation in Cape Town’s Two Oceans Aquarium, have revealed the dire state of the ocean.   

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As the turtles can’t distinguish between food and plastic, they end up eating plastic waste floating in the ocean, as per experts.   

The revelation has raised serious questions.  

In this year, the Aquarium has received around 134 loggerhead turtle hatchlings.  

“They may seem happy and full of life, but little do they know their lives could have been cut short if they were not rescued on time,” said Talitha Noble, Conservation Manager, Two Oceans Aquarium.  

When the hatchlings drift with the current, they mistake plastic for food in the ocean.  

With regard to the pollution in the ocean, these little turtle hatchlings may just be a small part of the huge problem. But they show the decisions made on land can have a huge impact on marine life. It is a sad reality. There is a need to mend our actions on land to help turtles in the sea, the experts added.