Resurrecting Australia’s Extinct Tasmanian Tiger | Environment

From: 101 East

101 East satisfies the researchers seeking to convey the Tasmanian tiger again to life and asks if it is scientifically possible or just a publicity stunt.

Australia’s thylacine has been extinct for virtually 100 many years, but a group of the country’s researchers say they will have it roaming the wilds all over again in a matter of several years.

Possessing received a $15m funding windfall, they are embarking on a project to carry the so-identified as Tasmanian tiger back again to existence and are hoping the technological innovation they create will also help conserve endangered species from extinction.

But several leading experts dismiss it as fanciful, professing the funds would be improved invested somewhere else.

101 East meets the experts driving the ambitious task to carry thylacine back to life.