Roe vs Wade: Hacker collective Anonymous warn US Supreme Court against overturning law

The hacking group Anonymous has warned the United States Supreme Court against overturning the famous Roe v. Wade decision, claiming that if it does, it would “get burned.”

Anonymous said the Supreme Court and Republicans should “expect” vengeance if they overturn the Roe vs Wade ruling in a tweet released Tuesday.

In 1973, the Supreme Court declared that governments lacked the authority to prohibit abortions and that a woman’s right to terminate her pregnancy in the first three months of pregnancy was unalienable.

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“Repealing Roe v Wade isn’t going to go the way SCOTUS or the GOP thinks it’s going to go. Play with fire, get burned. Don’t say we didn’t warn you,” the hacking collective wrote. “Expect us.”


An first draft majority opinion prepared by Justice Samuel Alito about Roe v. Wade was released Monday, prompting Anonymous’ warning. The court opted to overturn the 1973 ruling, according to the draft opinion.

It’s unclear how the draft opinion originally made its way around the courtroom. Chief Justice John Roberts, on the other hand, said the leak would be investigated, calling the incident a “egregious violation” of trust.