Russia sets up new missile systems on Snake Island to replace Moskva

Russian military forces are using the annexed territory of Snake Island to build advanced missile systems to attack Ukraine. British Army veteran Justin Crump explained Putin’s troops are using the island as a base for missiles to replace the powerful Moskva Russian warship. The military expert declared Snake Island has become a particularly significant strategic stronghold of Russian forces since the sinking of their advanced warship. He said: “It has more than just an iconic significance, I think, when we look at the island.”

Mr Crump continued: “Its location in the Black Sea is very strategic.

“Ukraine has actually been focused very heavily on trying to stop Russia building up almost, if you like, a land-born warship on the island.

“Russia has been trying to get long-range surface to air missile systems on there.

“That helps to replace the vessel they lost, the Moskva, by putting some of these systems in place on the island.”

The military expert added: “For a very small rock, and you can see the scale of it, it’s become quite important.

“Ukraine has effectively been able to keep striking back on the Island with its air forces which has disrupted Russian plans.

“They may have lost another auxiliary vessel today near the island as well.

“A lot still going on for a very small speck in the ocean but of great significance in current conflict.”

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The island’s location in the Black Sea is of particular strategic importance due to its close proximity to Ukraine, specifically the region of Odessa.

Russian military forces on Snake Island are attempting to establish a missile base in order to launch long range weapons at Ukraine.

If successful, the island would act as a replacement for the sea missile base the Moskva previously facilitated.

Ukrainian forces have continued their defensive attacks on the Russian-held Snake Island and several smaller vessels surrounding the island have been successfully destroyed in missile strikes.