Sen. Risa shares audio file of tipster offering info on Lapid slay, threatening kin

Senate Deputy Minority Leader Risa Hontiveros presented to reporters on Wednesday an audio recording of a phone call conversation between one of the children of slain journalist Percival Mabasa (Percy Lapid) and an anonymous caller who issued threatening messages.

At one point, the unidentified man, claiming to have A1-information on the fallen broadcast commentator’s killing because he is an insider at the national penitentiary where the supposed murder plot was hatched, broadly hinted that Mabasa’s brother Roy Mabasa, also a journalist, is next to be hit.

Hontiveros said she will be forwarding to authorities the recording and other information she got when she visited the Mabasa Family on October 24, in a bid to help shed light on the murder case.

“I believe the government could provide protection and support to the wife and children of Percy at the soonest possible time,” Hontiveros added.

During the conversation with a daughter of the fallen broadcaster, the unknown caller expressed disappointment with  Roy Mabasa’s ignoring his attempts to reach out, adding that he had also tried to warn Percival earlier, but was also ignored.

He said he was only asking for a “small amount” of money in consideration for the information he will supply to solve Mabasa/Lapid’s killing.

Image credits: CNN PHL