‘Smart road’ that charges electric vechicles constructed in Sweden

With fossil fuels causing a lot of pollution, there is a greater push in the world towards use of electric vehicles. Major carmakers have already forayed into the sector.

Owning an electric vehicle may be convenient and pollution-less. But it may give us what is called ‘range anxiety’. On longer drives, the fear of running out of charge in the middle of nowhere may become a nagging thought. But a project in Sweden has found a novel way and has found a solution to the problem.

A ‘smart road’ that charges big electric vehicles has been constructed. In order to charge your EV, you just need to drive it on this road. There doesn’t have to be a wire connecting your road to any charging point.

This road has been constructed in Gotland, a Swedish island 200 kims south of Stockholm. This smart road is 1.6 kilometres long. And there is no fear of anybody getting an electrical shock as the charging wires are buried under the road and aren’t even visible. The road appears like any other ordinary one in our neighbourhood.

The road is said to be world’s first such road that is designed to charge large vehicles and trucks.

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