‘To some extent, they have won’ Ukraine’s defence against Russia praised

The Ukrainian defence against Putin’s invading forces has been celebrated by Sir David Lidlington.

The former Conservative MP explained the Ukrainian forces have ensured the country has maintained clear independence from Russia and protected Ukrainian national identity.

GB News host Alastair Stewart asked: “Do you believe Ukraine could actually win this war?”

Sir David replied: “To some extent, they have won in that the continued independence and identity of Ukraine as a nation has been achieved through the courage of the Ukrainian resistance.”

The former MP praised the efforts of the Ukrainian defending forces in protecting the independence of Ukraine as the nation comes under continued threats of Russian annexation.

He said: “They have won to that extent.

“If you look at what Putin’s forces have been doing in the occupied parts of eastern Ukraine, destroying books on Ukrainian history, trying to erase any symbols of Ukrainian statehood and identity, deporting huge numbers of Ukrainian people to prison camps in Russia, you can see the nature of the gravity of the threat that was facing the whole of Ukraine.

“I think that they have stopped that happening.”

Mr Stewart drew comparisons between the statements of Sir David and the US former director of the CIA, David Petraeus.

In an interview with American network MSNBC, Mr Petraeus said: “I think Ukraine has, in a sense, won just by preventing Russia from achieving its main objective, which was to topple the Government, control Kyiv and replace President Zelensky with a pro-Russian figure.”

Like Sir David, Mr Petraeus celebrated the success of the Ukrainian defence in preventing Putin from achieving his original plan for the capture of Ukraine.

He said: “All of these grand designs that Putin had for Ukraine obviously have not come to pass.”

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Sir David suggested a major change in Russian authority could have a serious impact on the Russian performance in the war.

He said: “Barring, that is, a major political shift in the Kremlin when I think all sorts of possibilities become open.”

Reports from the Donbas region suggest Russian forces are still struggling to advance further into Ukraine.

A recent attempt by Russian forces to cross the Donets River towards a Ukrainian stronghold ended in a major defeat for Putin’s military as Russian combat vehicles were destroyed in a defensive attack by Ukrainian soldiers.