Ukraine LIVE: ‘Not a joke’ Putin ally warns ‘mad emperor’ holds nuclear threat

Investigative journalist Christo Grozev said a prominent billionaire and other oligarchs have told associates that the Kremlin leader’s “psychiatric health is bad indeed” and “stories about him going bonkers are not a joke.”

Many who are closely tied to Putin are growing concerned over his next moves in the already bloody war in Ukraine.

The trusted source said that “big business closely affiliated to power are sitting as quiet as mice because the emperor’s madness is real, and the nuclear strike’s threat is very real, too. There is some really serious trauma there, with everyone scared of its consequences.”

This comes as Sir James Everard, a former NATO Deputy Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, also ratified fears of nuclear war. He said that Putin could “significantly escalate” the invasion with over 600,000 troops or choose to go nuclear.