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On Monday, a statue of Russian President Vladimir Putin tightening a gasoline valve has been positioned in Prague, Czech Republic. The strange sculpture showcases Russia’s leader showing up to do a nazi salute whilst also depicting President Putin with a rat tail and goblin-like features.

The statue temporarily stands on Interbrigády Square in Prague 6, and will continue to be there for 30 times exactly where it will then be auctioned to elevate income for the Ukrainian military services.

The artist driving the statue is Dusan Dostal, a sculptor and blacksmith, who has said it took him 20 hrs a working day for a fortnight to generate the statue.

He said: “Money lifted will go to getting armed service materials and donate it to Ukraine.”

According to Mr Dostal, the determination to depict Vladimir Putin tightening a gas valve is to level out the “culprit” driving the recent rise in electricity charges.

The statue is also raising its suitable arm in what appears to be a nazi salute, which the artist has stated was performed to make a comparison to the Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler.

The art piece has been named ‘Ahriman the Demon’, which is a spirit of evil and destruction in Persian mythology and Zoroastrianism, an Iranian faith which is thought to be 1 of the world’s oldest organised religions.

Mr Dostal has stated the statue represents evil, and it was made all through a collecting of international artists and blacksmiths which requires position at Helfštýn Castle.

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The new statue of President Putin has taken the area of a statue of the previous controversial statue of Marshal Ivan Konev, which was taken out in March 2020.

In 2019, an unidentified person spray painted “No to the blood-included marshal, we shall not fail to remember” and the city did not want to retain having to pay for the statue to be cleaned.

The Marshal was a Soviet standard who led Crimson Military forces into Japanese Europe through Environment War Two and brought about heated discussion, protests and even vandalism.

These in favour of the statue have explained the Marshal and Crimson Army liberated Prague from Nazi profession close to the stop of Planet War Two, though many others have been crucial of the Marshal’s repressive function in the Communist Eastern Bloc.

The statue of the Marshal is currently in storage and will at some point be placed in the planned Museum of the 20th Century, but there have also been talks of the statue remaining transferred to Russia.

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The statue of Vladimir Putin’s auction was organised by regional businessman Dalibor Dědek, who has mentioned he thinks the piece could be auctioned for a six-figure sum.

Talking to the media organisation CTK, Mr Dědek stated: “The statue really should ship a signal to the Czech Republic that the dilemma in Ukraine nevertheless persists and demands to be solved.

“The next sign is to the Ukrainians that we are with them.

“And the 3rd really should be to Russia, that just as the statue of Marshal Konev stood below prior to, which was perceived positively, so now they have spat on their historical past.”