Vladimir Putin to BRICS nations: Cooperate in face of West’s ‘selfish actions’

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday (June 23) called on the leaders of BRICS nations (Brazil, India, China and South Africa) to cooperate in the face of “selfish actions” from the West. 

In televised remarks at the BRICS virtual summit, Putin said, “Only on the basis of honest and mutually beneficial cooperation can we look for ways out of this crisis situation, which developed in the global economy because of the ill-conceived, selfish actions of certain states.” 

He said these countries “using financial mechanisms, in fact, shift their own mistakes in macroeconomic policy onto the whole world”. “We are convinced that now, more than ever, the leadership of BRICS countries is needed to develop a unifying, positive course towards the formation of a truly multipolar system of inter-government relations,” Putin said. 

The United States and several other Western countries have slapped Russia with multiple economic sanctions after it announced the invasion of Ukraine, what Moscow calls “special military operations”. 

During the virtual BRICS Summit, Putin said that “we see that the challenges the international communities face today are complex and we need to come up together here”. 


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