Volodymyr Zelensky praises Boris for playing ‘crucial’ role during crisis with Russia

Mr Johnson has been leading the support in Ukraine in its fight against Russia since February 24. The UK also introduced one of the largest and most severe packages of economic sanctions against Russia.

Measures cover over £18 billion worth of products that were traded with Russia in 2021, as well as over 1,000 individuals and over 100 entities in key sectors such as defence.

In an exclusive interview with The Times, the Ukrainian leader spoke at length about the relationship with Mr Johnson.

He criticised President Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, saying that the cost of living fears in the West are “incomparable” with the threat from Russia

He told the publication: “From the very beginning he [Boris] was on our side.

“I never saw any hesitation or doubts in our conversations about his support for the Ukrainians.”

He said that Mr Johnson’s support came “not only with words, but with deeds”.

The Ukrainian leader said: “I remember there were moments, frankly, when we needed weapons and the UK didn’t have these weapons and Johnson helped by speaking to other countries and speeding up the supply of these weapons to Ukraine.

“He did that. So he is one of those leaders who had an impact on making Europe unified in its support to Ukraine.”

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He admitted that he has grown fond of the British Prime Minister since Vladimir Putin’s invasion.

“Boris played a significant role. He did a lot,” Zelensky told The Sunday Times.

Talking about Russia and the ongoing crisis with Vladimir Putin, he said that Putin is following in the footsteps of Adolf Hitler as he made an impassioned appeal to world leaders not to underestimate the Kremlin.

He said: “From Belarus, they are using the same routes and directions as Nazi Germany.

“Now some of the European leaders, who might think that Russia will not bombard their country, who could be comforted by that? You can’t say this is not going to happen.

“Ten years ago, who would have said that Russia would be torturing people and raping women?

“It’s impossible to think, it’s unimaginable. But now, that is the case.

“You shouldn’t trust the future. You have to tackle the problems now.”