We are mindful of the danger of bioweapons: Mitsuaki Kojima, former envoy, Japan

Former Japan Ambassador Mitsuaki Kojima on Monday said that the world knows about the danger of bioweapons and their catastrophic effect on human life in the face of the Wuhan-originated coronavirus.

On Monday in Dubai, Mitsuaki Kojima was one of the dialogue partners who explored the increasing threat of bioweapons at the WION Global Summit’s session titled “The Emerging Threat from Bioweapons.”

He did not hesitate to name COVID-19, a WUHAN-originated virus, while discussing the dangers of bioweapons.

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“We are mindful of the danger of bioweapons in the face of the Wuhan-originated coronavirus,” said Mitsuaki Kojima.

He warned that bioweapons have been destroyed in many countries, but after the destruction of bioweapons, there is a need for bioresearch for security purposes.

He stated that it is critical to strengthen international judicial systems. We have institutions to control bioweapons in every way, but there are some shortfalls in the convention.